Why ChiselStrike?

Without ChiselStrike

Diagram for how a fullstack application currently works

With ChiselStrike

Diagram for how a ChiselStrike works

Delivering Full Stack Development with 10x Less Complexity

Delivering Full Stack Development with 10x Less Complexity ChiselStrike is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the entire backend development process for modern web and mobile applications. On the left, the a traditional and complicated overview of how to develop apps on the cloud. On the right is the much easier ChiselStrike way.

ChiselStrike is a fully-integrated one-stop-shop for code-driven:

API Design

Data migrations & backup

Authentication & Authorization

Security policy

Data storage

Backend-hosting and scaling

Secret management

Our environment lets you concentrate on building engaging frontend content and describing your backend needs elegantly, without having to wire it all together the hard way. The platform manages the cloud infrastructure and databases necessary to get your code onto the internet. You don't need a DBA or a DevOps team, and you won't have unpredictable cloud bills.

Given the power of the ChiselStrike platform, your very first prototype can utilize live data from the start and transition straight into production without changes.

Your apps will ship faster and be far more efficient to maintain.

Questions So Far?

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How ChiselStrike Stacks Up

We don't compete with your favorite CDN platform (such as Vercel, Netlify, Gatsby Cloud, Fastly, or so on), and we encourage you to use whoever you like for frontend hosting. ChiselStrike hosts your backend which will communicate with your frontend over HTTPs, whether that's REST or raw endpoints or something else.

Some CDNs do support "edge functions", though we integrate data access and security policy natively, bundling it all together in a system designed for rapid and sustainable API development.

ChiselStrike Is Built Around Git Workflows

Diagram describing how ChiselStrike works presented horizontally
Diagram describing how ChiselStrike works presented vertically

We've built ChiselStrike around git workflows, so there aren't 100 different new commands to remember or cumbersome UIs to keep logging into.

When you're ready to deploy, just push to a designed branch, and we'll deploy straight out of your source control environment. Data migrations are handled automatically, as needed, behind the scenes.

That's it!

The ChiselStrike Architecture

See our comprehensive online documentation to put everything in context.